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The Process of Design Services Will Include:

Step 1: An initial consultation to gather all relevant information from you, the customer, which will be       integral to the eventual design including planting preferences, design features, and products to be utilized

Step 2: We will ask you for any house blueprints or surveys you possess, as well as determine drainage requirements and site elevations

Step 3: Upon gathering all information available to us to create your design, we will provide you with an estimate of the costs associated in preparing your design

Step 4: If the estimate is approved an accurate & scaled computer generated drawing using our Dynascape Design software will be created & presented to you for your review; approval & any feedback will result in revisions at this time

Step 5: Once the design meets your approval we will prepare an invoice for the time & resources required to create it

Step 6: The final design will be executed efficiently & exceptionally to the extent that you have requested, leaving you with a beautiful, high quality design to be proud of that meets your long term landscaping needs and desires

Design Services

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