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  • Natural Stone Products- Random Flag, Square Cut Flag, Edging, Stepping Stones, Various Sizing of Step Slabs, Bollards, Window Sills, Pillar Capping, Different Armourstone Rockery, Moss Rockery, Field Stone & More

  • Pre-Engineered (Concrete) Products - Various Types/Styles/Colours of Pavers, Garden Walls, Retaining Walls, Edgers, Steps & More (polymeric sand & edge restraint available)

  • Mulches - Common Wood Mulch, Black Beauty Wood Mulch, 1"-3" & 4"-8" Riverrock Stone Mulch, Beach Stone Mulch, Slatescape Stone Mulch, Black Granite Stone Mulch, Peastone & Granite Peastone (fabric cloth avaliable)

  • Plants - Variety of Caliper & Container Trees, Shrubs, Perennials, Evergreens, Grasses/Ferns & Groundcovers                  (we can order in for you as well)

  • Bulk Products - 'A' Gravel, Concrete Sand, Masonry Sand, Screened Topsoil, Wood Mulches, Stone Mulches, Peastone, Granite Peastone & Granite Fines

  • Miscellaneous - Soil Additives/Fertilizers, Bagged Materials, Grass Seed, Lighting Systems, Pond Systems, Irrigation Systems etc      

We have a wide range of products we carry here at Cobble Design. Don't see what your looking for? Drop in and show us a picture, we can help you find it! We carry a small inventory of Perennials, Shrubs & Large Caliper Trees, we are happy to order in if you don't see what your looking for.