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Hillside Trams

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At Cobble Design Inc. we are all about maximizing the value and enjoyment of your outdoor space, but what can you do if that space is no longer easily accessible? The answer is simple: install a Marine Innovations Hillside Tram System.



Marine Innovations Hillside Tram Systems can be installed by Cobble Design on almost any hillside terrain. This all-weather machine can withstand a wide range of weather fluctuations and will last for many years to come with minimal maintenance. Some of the perks of such a system include:


- Dependability

- Ease-of-use (can be 'called' to the top or bottom of a hillside with a key)

- Simple maintenance

- Robust

- Safe

- Added property value

Customer Testimonials

“Oh, it's just great! I can't imagine going down all those stairs anymore. This is just much easier, and the grandkids love going for a ride too.”


"...I would have had to give up being able to fully enjoy my dream, which is this cottage and beach. Imagine working hard towards building a little slice of heaven to retire in and watching your dream come true only to be restricted from accessing the best part by some knee problem!" 

To hear more customer stories or learn more about how others have implemented Marine Innovations Hillside Tram Systems, visit their website. Please share your experiences with us!


Hillside Tram System


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