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At Cobble Design Inc. we pride ourselves on offering a range of services to not only maximize the beauty and potential of your current outdoor space, but also to increase the usable portion of it. In some situations, erosion robs clients of their property. With good planning and consideration of the natural environment, we can prevent further erosion and recapture what was lost. 


We do this by leveling out slopes into even surfaces by seamlessly implementing custom retaining walls. Such walls ensure the stability needed to enjoy this added space safely, while allowing for customization through material types (like wood or natural stone). Each project is handled with the utmost care to ensure the long-term viability and safety of your property. 


Retaining walls and even surfaces


Cobble Design Inc.



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® Cameron Steckle and Brian Steckle, Owners of Cobble Design Inc., are

ICPI Certified Installers 

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