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Night Light

*safety and aesthetics

Stone Firepit 

*cooking and entertaining

Grade A Mulch
*moisture retention/water conservation, protection from flooding and erosion, prevent weed growth


*reduces heat and erosion, quickly establishes lawn

Decorative Armour Stone

*retain slopes and terracing, functional overflow seating

Functional Seating Wall

*provides separation between living spaces, functional for overflow seating

Paving Stone

*low maintenance, durable, aesthetically-pleasing surfacing

Native Ontario Trees

*wind protection, erosion prevention, moderate extreme temperatures, support local wildlife habitat

Precision Curbing 

*prevents lawn areas from migrating into plant beds, keeps mulches in place

What We Can Do For You


Driveway Curbing

Keeps unwanted vegetation at bay and provides a clean, defined perimeter that is easily maintained. 

IMG_7442 copy_edited_edited.jpg


Highly durable form of construction, completed by our Master Stone Mason.

plants and trees.jpeg


Locally sourced Ontario trees, shrubs, perennials, sod and more. Add colour, texture, privacy and natural beauty to your property.

cobble paver.jpeg

Paving Stone Surfacing

Superior strength and durability. Provides a flexible surface that can adapt to ground movements and freeze-thaw cycles. Wide variety of textures, patterns and colours.


Flagstone Surfacing

Provides a durable and naturally slip-resistant patio surface. Stone shapes result in a natural, organic look.

nightscape lighting features landscape c

Nightscape Lighting Features

Create an outdoor living room for entertaining, while increasing security and safety.


Firepits & Fireplaces

A centrepiece for great conversations.

fencing cobble landscape contractor.jpeg


Metal or wood fences add privacy, protection and a boundary for your pets. 


Retaining Wall Systems

Beautiful and cost-effective solutions for even the most demanding situations.

Sea Wall_edited.jpg

Sea Walls

Enjoy more of your lakefront space by reversing erosion and protecting your property.

edging and curbing.jpeg

Garden Edging

Defines garden space, prevents invasive grass from migrating into beds and saves trimming time.


Marine Innovations Hillside Tram Systems

The perfect solution to provide accessibility for everyone at your hillside property!

natural stone wall systems8.jpeg

Natural Stone

Each piece of stone is unique, ages beautifully and never requires maintenance. We carry an extensive inventory of natural stone products for various applications.

timber planter.jpeg

Timber Walls & Planters

Can be used for difficult areas due to accessibility. Provides a natural and linear appearance. 



Make spaces more accessible and safe to use. Variety of products and designs available (ex. masonry, random limestone, precast concrete).

Outdoor Grill BBQ Homepage Cover Cobble

Outdoor Kitchens

Fully enjoy your outdoor living space with all the amenities of your indoor kitchen (ex. stove, oven, sink, fridge, BBQ, pizza oven).

pillars and signs.jpeg

Pillars & Signs

For directions or advertising. Durable, inexpensive & effective.

water feature cobble landscape contracto

Ponds & Water Features

Incorporate art into your outdoor space. Relax as you enjoy the sights and sounds of moving water.

edging & curbing.jpeg

Garden Designs

Plant, tree, rock and mulch arrangements that creatively accentuate your home.


Outdoor Spas

Relax and recharge in a hot tub, pool or custom spa.

*Other services may be available, please contact us for an exhaustive list of services, products and possibilities.

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